Virtual Conference Services

Looking for a way to connect your conference presenters to unlimited virtual audiences?
If yes, Live Media’s virtual conference services will work perfectly for you.

What’s a Virtual Conference?

Any conference that is delivered virtually over the internet can qualify as a virtual conference. The virtual nature of the conference allows presenters to collaborate with each other and online audiences without having to attend in person.

Live Media Virtual Conference Services

Live Media has been offering virtual conference services in the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade (since 2010). The company has the experts, experience, and equipment to host online conferences that consistently reach audiences anywhere around the globe.

Most importantly, Live Media’s virtual conference services in Toronto come with guaranteed seamless streaming and broadcast quality attributable to technologies like adaptive bitrate streaming. Host a virtual conference via any social media platform or website and enjoy multiple interactive and monetization features critical for a successful conference.

Live Media’s virtual conferences are powered by the latest interactive technologies and robust features that include guest registration, live feedback surveys, chat functions, activity feeds, data analytics, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), overlays, and access control (i.e., paywalls and other monetization options).

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How Live Media Offers Virtual Conference Services

Getting Live Media’s virtual conference services in Toronto and beyond is simple, you can follow the steps below;

Step 1: Request a Free Quote

The process begins with requesting a quote. Live Media is incredibly responsive to customer requests and will get back to you almost immediately.

Step 2: Virtual Conference Planning

Once a quote is accepted, the virtual conference planning process begins. The aim of this step is to understand a customer’s vision for their conference, timelines, and the technical aspects of the online event.

Live Media also interacts with the different conference presenters at this stage to assess their internet connectivity, live video quality, and presentation content, among other important factors.

Step 3: Virtual Conference

On the day of the event, presenters just need to have a computing device (like a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) with a webcam that they’ll use to connect to Live Media’s webcast producer online. Live Media then relays them into a live stream media presentation (webcast) where unlimited audiences can watch, ask questions, take surveys, and perform other interactive tasks.

The entire virtual conference is produced by a professional online technical team with state-of-the-art equipment, backup hardware, and connectivity to guarantee uninterrupted attendee engagement. Live Media also records virtual conferences for any view-on-demand post – event needs.

The Live Media Advantage: Best Virtual Conference Recording Production Company

There are other virtual video conferencing platforms to work with. So, why should you choose Live Media?

1. Technical Proficiency

Live Media has invested heavily over the years in the latest audio and video recording technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly skilled virtual conference technicians. The company’s experts understand streaming platforms, have the ability to integrate different systems seamlessly, and have unmatched expertise in post-production processes such as video editing, content indexing, and audio enhancement.

Live Media also has a strong grasp of acoustics and lighting which are crucial for capturing high-quality audio and video content. Most importantly, the company is constantly investing in research and development, as well as in its technicians to constantly update their knowledge base and continue offering exceptional virtual conference services.

2. Stellar Planning and Execution

Live Media also stands out for planning virtual conferences meticulously and executing them seamlessly. Virtual conference services start with a thorough understanding of a client’s vision, objectives, and requirements.

Live Media then takes a proactive approach towards logistics management, planning everything to the letter (from scheduling to equipment setup and troubleshooting). This process involves constant communication and coordination with all conference stakeholders (from event organizers to presenters and technical staff).

Virtual conference services are also accompanied by contingency plans. Live Media makes provisions for redundancy systems and backup equipment to minimize risks linked to technical glitches and ensure uninterrupted recording.

3. Exceptional Customer Service

The best virtual conference services must include prompt responses to client inquiries, custom virtual conference solutions, and flexibility to accommodate specific requests. Live Media maintains open communication channels throughout the entire process.

Most importantly, communication is done with the aim of fostering strong relationships with clients. Live Media clients get clear, prompt, and transparent communication regularly. The company also actively seeks feedback and implements suggestions which is one of the reasons why the Live Media virtual conference services keep improving and exceeding client expectations.

4. Commitment to Data Security and Privacy

Live Media also stands out thanks to the data security and privacy measures in place. Live Media has employed robust encryption measures as well as secure storage protocols, and restricts access to services to authorized personnel only to safeguard intellectual property and maintain confidentiality.

The strict compliance with relevant data protection regulations and industry standards gives Live Media clients confidence that their interests are safeguarded. Live Media’s commitment to data security and privacy has also earned the company the reputation of a trustworthy and reliable partner.

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