Corporate Video Production in Toronto

Let’s face it! Every business today needs corporate videos for attracting/engaging customers, brand building, and other benefits like boosting search and website traffic. However, not all types of videos will stand out, engage, be professional, and achieve all/most intended business goals.

You need creative and sophisticated cinematic video production services that ensure your company stands out in the corporate marketplace. That’s where Live Media comes in!

Live Media is a professional corporate video production company in Toronto with over a decade of experience and a long list of renowned clients. Past and current corporate clients include Scotiabank, Ontario Brain Institute, the Jane Goodall Institute, Cineplex, and Travelweek, among many others.

Check out Live Media reviews for firsthand information on what it means to work with a tried and tested Toronto corporate video production agency.

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What is  Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production can be defined as the professional creation of videos for use by corporate clients (businesses and organizations). The service encompasses other video-related services like streaming for conferences, webinars, hybrid events, etc.


Anyone can make videos! However, not every video will meet your business’s goals. A company or organization interested in professionally done videos or professional live video coverage should prioritize its business goals, while still creating creative and engaging content. To achieve this, they need a professional corporate video production agency like Live Media.

Professional video production services help businesses create videos that are effective in branding, lead generation, customer acquisition, marketing, and more. Expert corporate video production services also have internal benefits like enhancing employee communication and training, employer branding, improved employee engagement, and more.

Corporate video statistics also highlight the importance of seeking expert services. Research shows that well-thought-out videos are powerful in influencing purchasing decisions. In fact, 80% of consumers admit to purchasing a product after watching brand videos. Also, 92% of video marketers attest to getting a good ROI from high-quality video marketing efforts. Let’s not even mention the increasing popularity of video content (1).

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Corporate video production in Toronto showing an interview


We offer a variety of services. They include:

1. Brand Films

Interested in videos that go beyond traditional advertising, tell a story about your brand, showcase your company values, and forge a strong emotional connection with your potential customers?

If so, Live Media has ample experience in this area (with brand videos or brand films) that inspire and build strong relationships with viewers. Use videos to effectively position your company among business leaders.

2. Introductory Videos

This service is perfect for companies in need of an overview video, homepage video, explainer video, or related videos that are brief and meant to introduce the company, its products/services, and/or mission.

Live Media has an expert corporate video production team to ensure you create the perfect first impression.

3. Corporate Training Videos & Tutorials

Sometimes a company can procure video production services for internal benefits, such as creating training videos for employees.

Live Media can make these and more, including tutorial videos that show audiences how to do something: how to use a product/service through detailed step-by-step instructions.

4. Corporate Event Videos/ Live Streaming

Need live video coverage for a corporate event? Live media has the experts, equipment, and technology to bring event experiences beyond physical boundaries. Get live event coverage and on-demand video coverage for all types of corporate events, from seminars to AGMs, product launches, service launches, awards, end-year parties, etc.

Live Media’s corporate videos and live streaming services are guaranteed to increase engagement, reach wider audiences, and offer cost-effective marketing benefits, among other pros like content repurposing.

Live Media helps clients turn live footage and event videos into highly converting marketing campaigns and social media content.

5. Other Services: Commercials, Corporate Animation, Specialty Videos and More!

Live Media offers other corporate-related audio-visual services in Toronto. Create compelling commercials that uniquely position your company in a highly competitive corporate marketplace.

If you need specialty video services or highly custom video services, like corporate videos for a unique niche, or videos produced using highly specialized video production techniques or audio equipment, contact us.

Live Media can also help with corporate videos meant for a very specific use case, such as showcasing your company’s potential and achievements to investors.

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Our video production process has been simplified into three main steps:

Pre – production

When you contact us, a Live Media video production expert will reach out to discuss your corporate video project. You’ll get all the information you need, from the video concept creation and the ideal type of video, to a video/content strategy, and clear explanations of technical components needed. You’ll also get a corporate video production quote.

In case you are planning a hybrid corporate event, pre – production will include detailed discussions of the hybrid experience (in-room and online experience). Pre-production will also involve site inspections (to ensure good lighting, sound design, power, and internet connectivity) and a backup plan.


Corporate video footage is shot at this stage. Production may also involve live event analytics for live corporate video event services.

Post – Production

After collecting raw footage, video editing is done by highly skilled video editors. Visual effects and soundtracks, if needed, will also be added at this point to create the final product. Post – production also involves consultations with clients to determine their levels of satisfaction and identify room for improvement.

Corporate video production in Toronto during post production phase


You should work with Live Media over other Toronto-based video production companies because of the following:

  • High-quality corporate video production: Enjoy video production services that separate your corporate brand from the rest. We offer videos with unmatched customer experience.
  • Proven track record: Long list of renowned clients who love Live Media’s services. See reviews here.
  • Full-service video production company: Live Media  offers a wide range of services related to video production, live streaming, and much more. Get corporate video production services and many other audio-visual options.
  • Our entire process is simple: Working with Live Media is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply tell us about your project, let’s evaluate the video service you need, and let us do the rest! 

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