Videography Services in Toronto

Recent global video statistics indicate there has been a definitive increase in the time people spend watching videos online in recent years, with weekly numbers reaching the 17-hour mark (1).  Increasing interest in videos can be attributed to high internet penetration rates, increasing use of mobile devices, and widespread social media use.

However, creating a video and posting it online doesn’t automatically mean it will attract and engage. That’s where professional videography services come in handy. If you wish to create professional videos in Toronto that are unique and impactful, Live Media is here to help.

We’ve offered our videography services in Toronto to many companies, among them Ontario Brain Institute, Stuart Knight Productions, Travelweek, Upper Canada District School Board, WBFF Shows, and Thales Canada, among many others.

Don’t place your videography strategy into the hands of novices. Check Live Media videography reviews to understand the videography expertise we offer. If you are ready to try our services, click here to request a videography quote. Clients can also tell us about their advertising campaigns or projects. Call: 416.802.5750 or email: [email protected].

What is Videography?

Videography encompasses the entire process of capturing videos on electronic media, streaming media, social media, etc.


A professional videography agency like Live Media offers the following benefits:

1. Guaranteed high-quality production: Investing in professional video services elevates your brand and creates the ideal impression on your target audiences. We have highly skilled videographers with the experience and equipment required to create great videos with perfect lighting, sound, & visual composition. We also have a client list that shows we are tested and proven.

2. Engagement expertise: As mentioned, anyone can create a video today. However, you need true professionals with storytelling expertise. Live Media creates compelling videos that are engaging but still meet the business/brand goals.

3. Fast and easy process: A professional video production company like Live Media simply needs an initial meeting with a client to understand the project and vision. We’ll then take over and handle everything else for the client, delivering a finished product within the agreed timelines.

4. Access to the best videography resources: Audio visual companies like Live Media that have been around for over 13 years (since 2010) can truly make a difference in the quality of your production.  We have the expertise, videography equipment, and the latest videography software needed to make videos with an edge. 


    Any person or organisation in Toronto that is keen on getting videography services that meet business/brand goals or tell a business story while still being highly engaging (i.e. featuring a strong artistic vision), is a potential customer.

    We work with corporate clients, marketing agencies, event managers, news agencies, artists, talent directors, production companies, content creators and many other professionals and organisations. Check out our reviews from past and existing clients.


    Live Media is a full-service videography company in Toronto with a variety of services. The most notable include:

    1. Corporate Videography

    Live Media offers corporate video production services to corporate clients (businesses/organisations) that need professional videos for a variety of purposes.

    2. Commercial Videography

    Live Media can also produce video commercials to showcase services, products, a brand promise, etc. This service creates compelling commercials for TV and online audiences. Our commercials are known to be brief, straight to the point, and feature highly captivating video content to the point of inspiring a desired action.

    3. Event Videography

    We also offer all event videography services. Whether it’s fully virtual events or hybrid events (with both virtual and onsite audiences), we do it all! This service offers event coverage for conferences, award shows, talk shows, webinars, social media events, and more!

    4. Custom Videography Services

    If you need a videography service that doesn’t fall into the above categories, don’t worry. We are a full-service Toronto audio-visual company that handles anything related to videos including educational video content, educational promo demos, business video communication, and more!

    Talk to us (call: 416.802.5750 or email: [email protected]) about drone videography, social media videography, instructional videos, video streaming, graphic animation videography, or other videography-related services.


    Enjoy our Toronto videography services in three main steps, namely:

    Step 1: Pre – production

    Contact us and tell us all there is to know about your project to help us craft a videography strategy. You can also click here and request a quote. Our producers are extremely talented, helpful and easy to work with.  They can help you guide your project to ensure it meets your communication goals. 

    Step 2: Production

    A videography strategy crafted in step 1 will inform production, which largely involves taking video footage. We do thorough site inspections and set up backup systems (power, sound, and internet) before commencing production. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures you’re getting the best possible quality, and our scalability ensures we can work within your budget. Our videographers are seasoned professionals, with years of field experience shooting all types of subject matter from academic, legal, medical, culinary, entertainment, business, sports, politics, religious and life events.  

    Step 3: Post – production

    Postproduction involves tasks like video editing. Our video editors consult with clients at this step to ensure the final product meets or surpasses expectations established in the initial pre-production stage. We also offer event analytics for live event videography.


    Why work with Live Media when you can hire many other videography agencies in Toronto or do your own DIY videography?

    • Tested and proven videography experience since 2010, backed by a long list of satisfied past and present clientele.
    • Sophisticated artistic video production services that meet business goals.
    • A simple and effective 3-step process.
    • Full-service audio-visual company in Toronto. Get videography and many other related services.

    Your videos can make/break your brand/business. Choose proven professionals like us. Get started with a videography quote that details the cost of videography in Toronto. If you need more videography info, call or email us anytime at 416-802-5750 or [email protected].