Event Videography

Welcome to Live Media, your #1 event videography company in the GTA, Ontario, and Canada at large.

While anyone can capture videos nowadays, you need professional event videography services if you wish to significantly enhance your event experience and overall impact. That’s where Live Media comes in.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients throughout the GTA, the province of Ontario, Canada, and beyond hold unforgettable and impactful events that transcend beyond borders and achieve intended goals.

With our impressive list of past and present satisfied clientele like Travelweek, Ontario Brain Institute, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), WBFF Shows, PLASP, Thales Canada, Cineplex, EllisDon, Ontario Health and more, you can rest assured you are dealing with the best-of-the-best event videographers in Toronto. 

What is event videography?

The term encompasses any videography or video production specifically meant for capturing events whether live, streamed or recorded. Event videography encompasses all types of events held for business, educational, marketing, social media, or other purposes/platforms.

Live Media offers the best in videography equipment, technology, expertise, and videography impact today. Check our reviews.

Who Needs Event Videography Services or Event Videographers?

Anyone or any businesses keen on event videos (recorded, streamed, or live) that are engaging and creative (with a unique artistic vision) but still meet specific business goals should consider professional event videography over DIY videography.

Live Media offers professional event videography to

  • Companies/businesses
  • Media networks
  • Event managers
  • Marketing/advertising agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • PR experts
  • Talent directors
  • Artists and other public figures, and more

Our services are available across all industries imaginable. Tell us about your event videography needs and let’s get started on your project!

    Does event videography matter? 

    YES! Here’s why:

    1. Professional event videos generate results: Videos aren’t a passing trend. Consumers don’t really want to read and are being more careful with how they spend their time online, they simply want great video content they can view, relate to, share, learn from, be entertained, etc.

    Only expert event videography services like those offered by Live Media can guarantee video production that meet the goals of both consumers and businesses.

    2. Content repurposing benefits: Event videos also offer unique advertising material among other related purposes like providing legacy footage, social media content, inspiration for young staff, etc.

    3. Event videography records key moments/memories forever: There’s no better way to remember an event other than to capture it perfectly on video.


    Live Media is a full-service Toronto audio visual company with a variety of event videography services. The most notable include:

    1. Live Event Streaming Services

    Event live streaming resembles a live TV studio production broadcasted online (via the internet) as opposed to traditional TV networks.

    Live Media has the equipment, dedicated live stream producers, technology, and backup to ensure your live event streams seamlessly with exceptional sound (audio) and video quality. This service is available for conferences, award shows, corporate events or meetings (i.e., annual company events), concerts, beauty pageants, and other types of live events.

    Let’s hear about your upcoming live-stream production needs. Call us: 647.277.5105 or email: [email protected]

    2. Hybrid Event Videography

    If you are planning an event that will have both a live (onsite) and online audience, we offer hybrid event videography services that cater to the needs of both audiences concurrently.

    Live Media’s professional videographers have the experience, equipment, and reputation to pull off world-class hybrid events unmatched in sound and video quality, interactive features, engagement, platform coverage, and more. We’ll include chat functions, live audience surveys, activity fees, overlays, data analytics, and even paywalls, if you’d like. Reach out to get a glimpse of our hybrid events firsthand.

    3. Product Launch or Service Launch Videography

    Do you have a new product or service that you’d like to launch in style? We have event videography services specifically crafted for showcasing products/services and delivering the desired lasting impact i.e., inquiries, sales, brand building, and more.

    4. Social Media Event Videography

    We can also assist you in hosting a successful event across multiple social media platforms from Meta (formerly Facebook) to Instagram, TikTok, and more. Tap from the fastest-growing form of media (i.e., social media) and grow your business, brand, or achieve other business goals.

    5. Custom Event Videography

    If you’d like specific or highly customized event coverage, we’ve got you covered. We welcome unique ideas and special events. Live Media is a full-service audio-visual company tested and proven by many renowned companies.


    We have a simple and refined process summarized below:

    a. Pre – production

    The process begins with a detailed discussion with clients about their event size, type, expectations, and more. We respond to questions and simplify technical components required in clear easy-to-understand terms. We’ll also do a site inspection during pre-production, test broadband, lighting, sound, power, create an event layout, create an event recap video, etc.

    b. Production

    Production begins before the event day when we set up everything including equipment, a backup plan, and a test. On the day of the event, we’ll take the video footage while backup recording everything. Live events enjoy the latest interactive and analytics features.

    c. Post – production

    After finishing the entire event, we may do video editing, offer analytics reports and host footage to be viewed on-demand archive 1-year post-event We also offer post-event round tables with clients to get their feedback. 


    Why work with Live Media when you can do your own videography or choose other event videography agencies in Toronto?

    • Live Media is a trusted world-class event videography company. Our impressive list of renowned clients (past and present, since 2010) speaks volumes. Check our reviews.
    • We have state-of-the-art event videography equipment and technology that ensures we offer  quality content, scalability, and stay within budget.
    • Best event videography team: Our skilled videographers have deep understanding and firsthand experience shooting all types of events for clients in multiple industries.
    • Simple refined process: Enjoy our clear 3-step process. Take part in pre-production by sharing your event ideas and leave the rest to us.
    • Custom event services: Live Media can handle event videography seamlessly regardless of the type of event.

    Professional videography is the way to go. Get engaging videography services that stand out in artistry and impact and leave a lasting impression.

    Ready for professional, high-quality event videography? Call: 416-802-5750 or Email: [email protected]. Also, contact Live Media for other info i.e. cost of event videography in Toronto, or see our event videography packages. Request for an event videography quote.