We connect your presenters virtually to unlimited online audiences.


Don’t let COVID-19 Cancel Your Conference!

Contact us today to learn how we can produce your conference virtually online. Your presenters won't need to be there in person and your staff or attendees won't need to gather in your offices or an event space -- they can attend from the comfort of their home or office!

Webcasting & Webinars

Get your message out there. We’ll show you the difference between webcasting, webinars, podcasts and the like. With years of experience and hundreds of webcasts and webinars under our belt, we can help you.

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Conference Recording
& Film Services

Relax, knowing your conference sessions will be recorded in high quality and made available online in lightning quick time. Live Media is adept at conference recording and film services.

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Live Streaming: Anywhere

Break free from the ‘bored room’ and let the fun begin! Live stream your beauty pageant, sporting event, concert, while increasing revenues or charity fund-raising through a pay-per-view stream.

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Video Conferencing:

For a high quality, personal, engaging experience between two or more locations consider video conferencing to bridge your communication gap with point-to-point or multi-point collaboration.

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