Video Production in Ajax

In search of a renowned and skilled video production company in Ajax? Choose Live Media for unmatched expertise.

Live Media has established itself as a frontrunner in superior video production and audio-visual services for more than ten years. Our prestigious client list includes The Ontario Brain Institute, Travelweek, Stuart Knight Productions, The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, Scotiabank, among others. We are now delighted to extend our expert services to Ajax.

Famed for our exceptional client satisfaction, Live Media is your premier choice for video production services in Ajax. Our team is comprised of seasoned video production professionals, equipped with the latest in video technology and tools. We are committed to creating cutting-edge and impactful professional videos that go beyond your expectations.

Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 416.802.5750. Let’s talk about your video project and get you a video production quote today.

What is Video Production?

Video production is the art and science of producing video content. It serves a range of purposes, from promotional and entertainment to educational projects. The process typically includes scriptwriting, scouting locations, storyboarding, designing sets, casting, and orchestrating lighting and sound, culminating in the actual filming and subsequent editing.


Live Media’s video production services are ideal for anyone in Ajax seeking top-tier videos or live video coverage that not only fulfills business objectives but also conveys a distinct artistic vision.

Our client base in Ajax is varied, encompassing individual professionals, large corporations, and media networks. Our services are perfectly suited for product launches, event coverage, corporate meetings, explainer videos, branding campaigns, social media videos/streaming, and much more.

We partner with event organizers, marketing firms, product creators, educational bodies, government agencies, news media, influencers, artists, talent directors, and various other professionals and organizations in need of exceptional video services.

Live Media’s expertise covers a wide array of sectors, including eCommerce, web development, real estate, hospitality, legal, construction, technology, financial services, dining venues, and more.

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Recent research suggests that nearly 3.5 billion internet users worldwide are expected to engage with video content at least once a month by the end of 2023, encompassing both streaming and downloadable formats.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, where attention is scarce and the competition in video marketing is robust, partnering with a professional Ajax video company that specializes in producing outstanding videos is essential. Whether for live-streamed events or pre-recorded productions, quality and creativity are paramount.

For videos that resonate and leave a lasting impact, trust in the expertise of Live Media. Our Ajax team combines technical mastery, innovative thinking, artistic vision, and thorough planning and execution for each project, always ensuring we help you convey powerful stories that accurately represent your event or brand. 


Live Media is proud to offer an extensive assortment of video production services in Ajax:

Brand Video Production:

Looking for professional and engaging brand promotional videos that truly reflect your brand’s character? We specialize in crafting brand videos that are in harmony with your brand’s goals, aesthetics, and messaging.

Corporate Video Production:

Designed for businesses or organizations in need of corporate videos for various applications, including training, safety, and instructional content for employees.

Live Event Video Production:

Planning an event in Ajax, such as a seminar, conference, town hall, concert, and require live video coverage? Live Media is equipped with the necessary technical expertise, cutting-edge technology, and vast experience. We also handle hybrid events, bridging in-person and online audiences through social media or web channels.

Commercial Video Production:

At Live Media, we create compelling commercial videos that succinctly communicate the core of your service, product, or brand promise. Our commercials, targeting both online and television audiences, are concise, engaging, and aimed at building brand loyalty and prompting the desired response.

Custom Video Production:

For those with unique video production needs or innovative concepts, this service is the perfect solution. Live Media provides customized video production services tailored to your specific event and needs, including real estate video productions for business promotion/listings and industrial video productions that highlight manufacturing processes and marketing initiatives.

For these services and more, including training videos, business videos, action videos, broadcast videos, music videos, and other specialized video production needs, contact us at 647-560-2232 or email [email protected].


Choosing Live Media for video production services in Ajax ensures a seamless and highly efficient experience.

Step 1: Pre-production

Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation to fully grasp your vision, goals, and preferences. Our Ajax-based team of video production specialists will meticulously review all technical aspects of your project, including lighting, sound, camera setups, and contingency plans.

Step 2: Production

At this stage, the actual filming occurs. We carefully capture all necessary footage and scenes, paying close attention to every detail to guarantee exceptional quality.

Step 3: Post – production

The final phase of our entire process. This video production stage involves editing the footage and other tasks such as assessing client satisfaction and exploring opportunities for further improvement.


Live Media sets itself apart from other video production companies in Ajax for several significant reasons:

  • Decades of Experience: With over ten years in the industry, Live Media is celebrated for its innovative creativity and technical expertise, distinguishing us from conventional video marketing companies.
  • Proven Track Record: Our extensive list of clients, including The Ontario Brain Institute, Travelweek, Stuart Knight Productions, The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, Scotiabank, and more, speaks to our reputable standing.
  • Exceptional Reviews: Client testimonials underscore our dedication to quality and exceptional service.
  • Diverse Services: As a full-service video production company, Live Media offers a broad spectrum of video production solutions, each customized to your specific requirements.
  • Expert Team: Our professional, dedicated, and approachable team in Ajax is committed to achieving excellence in every aspect of video production.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We are committed to investing in the latest technology and equipment for video and audio production, ensuring the highest quality.
  • Effortless Process: Our process is designed for your convenience. Share your vision with us, and let our experts handle the rest. The outcome will be a high-quality video without all the hassle because we take care of it for you. 

In search of a top-tier full-service audio-visual company in Ajax? Look no further! For a video production cost estimate, contact us at 647-560-2232 or email [email protected]. Let’s begin your project today!