Hybrid AGM Services

Looking to hold an annual general meeting with in-person and remote attendees? Live Media has the perfect solution for you. Our hybrid AGM services ensure you connect with all meeting attendees in a safe, seamless, professional, and engaging setting.

Successful AGMs begin here. We offer world-class corporate event production solutions. Whether you are searching for a professional audio-visual production company or a technology platform, Live Media can offer all.

We’ve hosted many AGMs and other similar hybrid corporate events successfully for renowned clients like Alterna Savings, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Ontario Brain Institute, Intelex, Cineplex, Ontario Health, EllisDon, and more!

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What Does Hybrid Meeting Mean? What Are Hybrid AGM Services?

A hybrid meeting is a meeting that combines virtual and live (in-person) elements, to both online and in-person audiences. Hybrid meetings are increasingly popular today because of their huge benefits ranging from convenience to lower meeting costs, a lower carbon footprint, and unlimited participation despite geographical boundaries.

Companies that hold hybrid AGMs don’t need to worry about high event costs or the physical location/time zone of different stakeholders/shareholders. However, you need a professional provider to have a seamless and engaging session. That’s where professional hybrid AGM services come in.

Who Needs Hybrid AGM Services in Toronto?

Live Media’s hybrid AGM services are ideal for any company based in Toronto and beyond that wants to host an engaging, safe, and seamless AGM for shareholders and other stakeholders in Toronto and beyond.

Our Advantage: Why Choose Live Media for Hybrid AGM Services? 

Toronto has many companies offering hybrid annual general meeting services. Why should you work with Live Media?

1. We Offer Content Tailored for Success

A significant part of ensuring a hybrid AGM becomes successful is creating engaging content. Live Media has hybrid event professionals capable of crafting dynamic content. We add that creative touch to virtual AGMs and events ensuring all in-person and virtual attendees are engaged throughout the event.

We can offer everything from custom branded content to be broadcasted to sponsor videos, still & motion hold slides, custom 3D sets for your venue space/presentation stage, post-event edits for your archives, summary video/meeting highlights, and more!

2. We are Highly Reviewed

We’ve worked with renowned companies, and they have nothing but good things to say about Live Media. Check out testimonials from past and present clients on the hybrid and other events services we offer. We are an award-winning interactive event platform.

3. We Offer a Variety of Services

Live Media is a full-service AV services company in Toronto. Besides offering virtual AGM services, we offer many other hybrid event services imaginable from conferences to corporate training, webinar services, trade shows, exhibitions, plenary sessions, and more.

Enjoy world-class corporate video production, streaming services, and more! Let’s talk about your governance meetings,  annual meetings or other types of online meetings for various types of companies.

4. We Deliver a Foolproof Process on a Highly Reliable Platform

Live Media’s 3-step process also stands out. We have a pre-production, production, and post-production process. Our clients are highly engaged in the pre-production process and then they leave the rest to us.

During pre-production, we’ll learn all about your hybrid event (from the technical components required to the client’s expectations). We also discuss the two experiences surrounding hybrid AGMs: the in-room and online experience. Pre-production also involves site inspections, and establishing backup systems for internet, power, sound, and lighting. We also do tests before production to confirm successful transmission.

A well-planned pre-production automatically results in a successful hybrid AGM production. Armed with a plan, backup systems, live event analytics, and live engagement including audience registration and live online voting, your hybrid AGM is bound to be successful.

Enjoy a voting process that meets specific voting requirements. Voting on proposals and voting on resolutions has never been easier thanks to Live Media’s real-time weighted voting system (bespoke voting technology) that guarantees accuracy of voting results.

If you need a view-on-demand archive, we can provide that as well as event analytics reports during post-production to offer important information like audience engagement. We also do post-event round tables with clients to establish their satisfaction levels and areas of improvement.

5. We Have the Resources

Live media boasts of state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment offering unmatched video quality, sound quality, and hybrid technology support. We also have a seasoned hybrid event team with extensive experience doing hybrid and virtual AGMs among other forms of meetings or hybrid events in Toronto and beyond.

An annual general meeting is a very important event. Don’t gamble with unproven hybrid event companies or Zoom meetings that lack seamless voting functions and other interactive features. Live Media is tested and proven for hosting successful virtual meetings, physical meetings, and both (virtual meetings).

Talk to us about your unique virtual board meeting needs. Call 416-802-5750 or email us: [email protected] for more information including the cost of hybrid event services in Toronto and more!