Live production can be defined as the process of creating and executing live events like meetings, conferences, concerts, festivals, sporting events, corporate meetings, town hall meetings, church services, etc. The process encompasses everything from event planning to design, coordination, and execution. As a result, live production includes, but isn’t limited to, logistics management, audio-visual services, stage set design, and event lighting services.

Live Media is a leading live event production company in Toronto handling all aspects of live event production. The company has a solid team of experts, state-of-the-art equipment, and live production technology to successfully plan and execute physical events, virtual events, hybrid events (with aspects of both virtual and physical), multi-camera productions, social media live events, and more.


If you’re searching for a professional live meeting/conference production company in the Greater Toronto Area that is tested and proven, look no further. Since 2010, Live Media has been building a long list of satisfied clients – check out some testimonials (insert link to tesimonials page here) to see what present and previous clients have to say about Live Media!

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Live Media’s live production services come with many benefits. The most notable include;

1. Better Engagement

Live events offer more engagement compared to pre-recorded video content. What’s more, live streams that are high-quality in all aspects are irresistible. Live Media has perfected high-quality live production that guarantees engagement.

2. Better Audience Interaction

Live production adds a human touch to online marketing as audiences interact with you in real time regardless of their physical location globally. Live streams bring audiences to you, creating an experience that fosters more engagement.

3. Global Reach

Live production services also transcend traditional boundaries. Events that aren’t accompanied by a live stream are limited in reach. Live streaming productions open doors to millions of audiences globally, giving an event unlimited reach.

4. Better Analytics Tracking

Live production powered by state-of-the-art equipment and software allows the collection and tracking of important data like audience reach, engagement, and more, which provide priceless live event insights.

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While there are many live production companies in Toronto, Live Media stands out because of the following;

1. Vision and Creativity

Live Media has managed to be an industry leader in live production services in Toronto and beyond due to a visionary approach. The company is committed to pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Live production services are offered by production crews that are encouraged to think outside the box and explore innovative and creative solutions/approaches. Live media takes its creative services very seriously.

The team of live stream experts also has a strong artistic vision and an unmatched ability to transform simple concepts into immersive live experiences for clients. Most importantly, Live Media’s team collaborates with talented directors, artists, and designers to create mesmerizing live productions bound to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Collaboration between teams is present from conceptualization to production, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step of the way.

2. Technical Expertise & Innovation

Live Media live production services are also unmatched because the company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art live production equipment and cutting-edge technology to deliver immersive experiences live to audiences.

The live production team is also composed of highly skilled technicians and with a deep understanding of the latest live production industry trends and advancements. Live Media masters the art of light, sound, projection, and special effects to produce immersive live events that take audiences to wonderland. The result is a flawless production.

3. Diligent Live Event Production Planning and Execution

All successful events are a product of meticulous planning and execution. Live Media doesn’t compromise on anything from the set design to choreography, stage management, logistics and post – production.

The company has production managers, stagehands, and dedicated support staff working in unison to ensure all aspects of a live production are taken care of, from conceptualization to production. The rigorous planning, coupled with effective communication and streamlined workflows, is part of the reason why Live Media is able to repeatedly coordinate and execute live productions seamlessly with little to no errors or delays.

4. Relentless Pursuit of Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Excellence

Live Media won’t stop at anything to achieve high-quality live productions that surpass client expectations. Unlike most video production companies, everything is tailored to determine the unique needs of clients and deliver beyond expectations.

To achieve this, Live Media prioritizes client collaborations and maintains open communication lines throughout the live production process. The constant and relentless emphasis on building and maintaining strong client relationships, as well as offering high-quality services, is part of the reason why Live Media has maintained industry leadership for over a decade.

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