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Are you searching for a virtual event agency in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) that is renowned for its technical prowess, innovative approaches, and great customer service? If yes, look no further! This is what makes Live Media Inc stand out, among other essential qualities/elements you would expect in the best virtual events companies.

The demand for virtual events is rising exponentially. Although virtual event technology is not new, the pandemic forced the world to adopt it on a scale never seen before. Organizations all over the globe have continued this trend, one that Live Media Inc. had dominated for years.
While there are many companies offering virtual event services, hosting seminars, conferences, and many other virtual gatherings, there’s a shortage of top-notch production companies capable of creating memorable and engaging virtual experiences. Live Media is among the select few!

What is a Virtual Event?

The term “virtual event” or hybrid events encompasses events where people interact online (virtually) rather than through a physical meeting and location.

The event can be anything from a virtual concert to virtual meetings, a product launch, host events, zoom event, podcasts, live music performance, virtual team building events, breakout sessions, personal or annual conferences, sales meetings, multi-day conferences, and more, provided the event takes place in an online environment.

Virtual Event Services by Live Media

The team at Live Media are virtual event professionals and offer just about any virtual event service imaginable, from webcasting and webinar services to live streaming, video conferencing, and virtual conferences, all of which are perfect for personal or corporate events, among other types of event services online. The company can also accommodate large-scale events.

Benefits of Virtual Events

When are virtual event services helpful? What do virtual event planning companies have to offer? Well, seeking virtual event services from a company like Live Media Inc. comes with numerous benefits. The most notable include;

1. Global Event Access

Virtua event services make it possible for everyone to attend from anywhere across the globe, provided they have a computing device and internet connection.

The services also make events accessible by all persons, including persons with disabilities, as current virtual technologies have closed captions, sign language interpretation, and other accessibility features that increase access and inclusivity.

2. Lower Event Cost

The cost of organizing physical events can be higher than virtual or hybrid events. In virtual events, organizers don’t need to hire physical venues, decor, catering, or incur other related expenses that are unavoidable in physical event planning.

Virtual attendees also save on transport and accommodation costs that may be incurred when attending physical events. To organize successful events online, all you need is a reputable virtual event company like Live Media.

3. Wider Reach

Virtual events can be attended by millions. The same can’t be said about traditional events, which are usually limited by venue capacity. Virtual events can also reach a diverse global audience with ease.

4. Lower Risks

Hybrid meetings/events also have lower risks. For instance, they have lower security concerns since virtual attendees aren’t physically present. Provided the virtual event planners and attendees have stable internet and a power/device backup, virtual events are almost risk-free.

5. Better Data and Analytics

It’s also easier to collect and analyze data for virtual events than physical ones. Virtual technologies allow tracking of many metrics during live events, from event attendee numbers to their engagement and behavior.

Individual feedback can also be collected with ease via live polls and surveys. This alone can help event organizers to continuously improve their hybrid meetings.

Other virtual event benefits you stand to enjoy when working with Live Media include unmatched flexibility in event content delivery i.e., live and pre-recorded events, as well as a better overall event ROI and a lower environmental footprint.

Our Advantage

How has Live Media managed to be among the few best virtual events production companies? Well, here’s what separates us from the crowd;

1. Technical Excellence

Live Media has a strong foundation of technical expertise. The decade of experience in the virtual events industry (long before the pandemic) gives Live Media a deep understanding of the latest audiovisual technologies, streaming platforms, and essential digital tools.

Live Media has also invested in state-of-the-art equipment and software to deliver high-quality video and audio experiences seamlessly. The company has professional-grade cameras, sound systems, lighting setups, and robust internet infrastructure to ensure smooth online streaming.

Additionally, the staff is proficient in virtual event platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and bespoke platforms, making it easy to manage online events effectively, offer interactive features, and engage participants from start to finish.

2. Innovation and Creativity

Live Media also stands out from other virtual events companies for continually embracing innovation and employing creative thinking. The company leverages the unique possibilities offered by digital mediums instead of replicating physical events online.

Live Media explores immersive technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality, to enhance attendee experiences. The company’s virtual events also incorporate interactive elements like live polling, Q&A sessions, and virtual networking opportunities to foster attendee engagement and participation. This kind of innovation and creativity guarantees memorable and transformative virtual event experiences.

3. Custom and Responsive Virtual Event Solutions

Live Media also stresses the importance of tailored virtual event solutions that meet each client’s individual tastes and preferences. Every client’s vision, goals, and target audience are understood from the onset, and events are aligned with a client’s objectives and brand.

Most importantly, events are run in a responsive and agile manner. Unlike typical online events companies, Live Media isn’t caught off-guard by technological challenges or last-minute changes. As one client put it, ‘Live Media is dangerously competent’.

4. Unmatched Client Service

Lastly, Live Media is committed to exceptional client service. The company prioritizes clear communication, transparency, and responsiveness throughout (from initial consultation to post-event evaluation). Deadlines and budgets are also strictly adhered to.

Live media also has a philosophy of continuous improvement and embracing new technologies. It has a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations and securing repeat business and positive referrals in the process.

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