How To Pick Your Hybrid Event Space or Venue

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Events

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What’s a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event should seamlessly blend the energy of a live audience (in-person audience) with that of a virtual audience.

Hybrid events transcend geographical boundaries. Some audiences are there in person while online audiences can join in from anywhere around the world and enrich the attendee experience. However, hosting a successful hybrid event is easier said than done.

Creating a perfect fusion for all audiences and maintaining other aspects like audience interaction requires true expertise. And let’s not forget, you need the perfect venue. If you consider proven hybrid event planners like Live Media, you don’t have to worry about anything including picking event space.

Let’s find out why a venue can determine the success of your hybrid event before discussing how to pick the best event space possible.

Why Picking the Right Hybrid Event Space or Venue Can Make or Break an Event

Think of your venue as the “bridge” that connects these two worlds – the virtual and the physical.

The role of good lighting: Good natural lighting alone can ensure you have the right mood for your event. Natural light has the power to improve alertness and mood creating the perfect environment for in-person attendees.

However, it is important to control the overall look and feel so as to have a controlled environment that lends itself to broadcast quality for the online viewers.  That’s where experience with lighting is of paramount importance, and should be seriously considered.

The role of good acoustics: You also need good acoustics to host a successful hybrid event where everyone can hear everything clearly. This calls for finding an event space that has little to no sound barriers or one that can be modified easily to ensure there is proper sound wave transmission. If you don’t get the acoustics right, both in-person and online audiences will have a hard time hearing speakers, presentations, music, etc., clearly.

Backup plan/elements: Your preferred event space or venue also needs to support and/or have reliable backup systems for power, internet, and equipment. This will ensure the audiences joining you online stay connected and engaged throughout the event even if there is a power, connection, or equipment problem.

There are other event-related elements to consider like surroundings, regulations/permits, capacity, parking space, and security. In essence, your venue is an important foundation for creating an unforgettable hybrid event that bridges the physical and virtual divide. As a result, you need to think carefully before making your decision. Let’s discuss the key considerations.

How to Pick Your Hybrid Event Space or Venue

Toronto has an abundance of spaces that can be used for just about any event you can think of. Whether it’s conference halls, town halls, intimate venues, or a larger space offering unique experiences, i.e. a branded experience, you can find it all. So, how do you pick the best hybrid event space?

  1. Stable and Strong Internet Connection

A hybrid event can’t go on seamlessly without good internet connectivity. As a result, the venue you select should have strong and stable wired and Wi-Fi connectivity. Compromising on internet speed will mean your remote audiences may have to bear with spotty audio and lagging live streams.

Considering in-person audiences will also be accessing the internet, there’s a need for adequate bandwidth to meet all connectivity needs consistently at peak usage. It helps to consider a venue with dedicated internet bandwidth as opposed to shared if you are planning larger events.

  1. In-House Team

While it’s not a must for your hybrid event venue to have in-house production resources i.e., broadcasting studio, lighting technicians, and technical solutions specialists, it helps a lot especially when planning a large event. An in-house event production team will help you handle important aspects like recording, live streaming, and overall IT support.

Having dedicated broadcasting staff with technical equipment like multiple cameras, microphones, freestanding screens, tripods, etc., reduces the tasks you need to worry about. What’s more, you won’t need to hire equipment. However, you may have to conform to the in-house capabilities.

You can consider a renowned Toronto audio-visual and live streaming company like Live Media which delivers highly custom hybrid event services that are unmatched in immersiveness and tailored to meet clients’ needs perfectly. See Live Media reviews.

  1. Reliable Power and Backup

Your preferred physical venue also needs to have adequate power supply and backup to sustain all equipment throughout should there be any power interruption or blackout. Hybrid events are very volatile. The last thing you want is to lose your audience’s attention when the main power goes off momentarily. This is why your event should have backup power sources like a generator/battery power and have conveniently located power outlets for the same.

  1. Venue Capacity

Don’t forget about venue size. Choose a venue that will fit your in-person audiences and your crew/equipment perfectly without affecting acoustics. If you need extra space, i.e. a control room or breakout room, ensure your venue has one.

  1. Legal Factors

You also need to think about the venue contract. Ideally, focus on venues that offer enough protection from uncertainties. You need a comprehensive agreement that covers all possible risks that can affect you/your equipment as well as your attendees and their belongings.

The contract also needs to have clear event postponement and cancellation guidelines, safety regulations on handling injury/loss/illness, and force majeure clauses for dealing with circumstances beyond their control, etc. It may help to get insurance as added safety measures even if the venue has a policy.

Consider Hiring a Professional Hybrid Event Company

The above factors are bound to guide you in the right direction when looking to host a corporate event, music event or any other type of hybrid event. However, there are many other factors to consider such as the cost of renting the event space and lighting, as discussed above. What’s more, you still aren’t guaranteed to find a venue that checks all your boxes.

Let’s be honest, the perfect hybrid event space or venue doesn’t exist. The best approach is finding an event space that you like and leaving it to event professionals to transform it into the best hybrid event space. Live Media is one such expert in Toronto with notable benefits:

Why Choose Live Media for Hybrid Event Needs in Toronto?

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